Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Street for the Pirate Captain / San Francisco

Do you remember Captain Horatio McAllister? The pirate captain from the Simpsons?
Shame on you that you missed my former posting about this honorable guy.
While chatting with an ex-colleague back home via Skype he surfed Google Earth to look for the spot in San Francisco where I was staying. After a while he typed 'Hey there is a McAllister street in San Francisco. You really have to go there and take a photo of the street sign.'

Should there really a street dedicated to the mascot and hero of my former team? Unbelievable.

Of course I walked there - very far and through kind of shabby neighbourhoods for shooting a photo of the street sign together with the portrait of McAllister.

Because I wasn't able to hold the chalkboard and take the photo I asked a random guy for help.
I am pretty sure he thought that I am completely nuts but finally he holded the pirate captain above his head.

Master Brownwood, this posting is dedicated to you (and a little bit to Dr. DICOM, of course.).

@Dr. DICOM: Feel free to add more facts about captain McAllister as comments to this posting.

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