Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The photo is from a very busy dog lady securing an Indoor Climbing Hall attached to a Backpacker Hostel in a very small town also in New Zealand. For some reason the dog sensed that I took a photo of her and rolled on her back instantly rising all four legs into the air.
The owner of the climbing hall just said 'Oh, you have to scratch her belly now. That's the deal'.

So I did.

Recently a few friends back home asked me via email or Skype whether I'm already tired and exhausting from traveling.
It wouldn't be unlikely, would it? I am almost three months on the road right now and more or less in the middle of my trip.
Shouldn't I be tired from constantly changing places, from packing my backpack again and again, burnt out from the need to adopt to a new environment every day and from saying good bye to the cool guys I met one or two days before?

I don't know why but never felt that awake in my life.
The only thing I am tired of is living a tired life like being constantly on Valium pills.

The little one in the video is the son of the skipper of a small boat acting as a water taxi in New Zealand. Although the boy acted as the captain he obviously had a hard day and was barely able to stay awake. Almost every wave brought him in real trouble. I loved looking at him and you can even hear some of the passengers laughing because they observed him, too.

Seems as if being tired isn't bad all the time but I prefer to stay awake at the moment, though.


  1. Awake - aware - alive

    Well open up your mind and see like me
    Open up your plans and damn you're free
    Look into your heart and you'll find love love love love...

    Try to be awake and alive as much as you can, and don´t stop enjoying every moment of the incredible gifts life is pouring over you. Stay aware of it.

  2. I´m really hibernating at the moment - with open eyes. Who could be awake, if you only get 4 hours grey daylight?

  3. Hey, don´t you think it is possible to be awake even without daylight? Sometimes the darkness can be a really awakening thing. Looking out into a starry night or having the winter wind blow around you at night is definitely a very awake feeling! It would be sad if you postponed your awakeness until spring and missed a whole season!

  4. Andrea, what a nice comment you posted, I specially liked the line "open up your plans and damn you´re free".
    Greetz from Mexico

  5. Hola Celia,
    The line is not from me, but I like it very much and it has been in my mind constantly during the past days. It is from this song:

    I like the "damn you´re free" part too. It is a cool way to express the surprise you feel at realising that it CAN be easy to be free. So let´s all try to be as damn free as we can :)

    Saludos de Alemania

  6. Hallo,

    hola udo, we aer very sure that you will be awake and open minded during your entire trip. we are all with you - staying in stuttgart and enjoying a lutzi developer meeting. eager to meet you next year. tastentusse, fruchtzwerg, ernesto, wollek, oli c-sharp