Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nautical Signs - Brisbane/Australia

Yes, I know I am supposed to tell about the USA but I really have to jump to Australia for a second.
Yesterday I strolled through Brisbane and walked by the Nautical Museum. It had a big sign on the facade showing the nautical flags together with the flag alphabet. Each flag respectively character has a certain message.
For example the flag with the blue and yellow stripes means "D" or "Delta" and also "Keep clear of me".

The part that catched my attention was the letter "L" and the message attached to it. I really had to grin broadly.
I will not explain what the hidden meaning is because it is sort of delicate. Some of you will instantly understand and for all others it wouldn't be funny at all. What I can tell is that it is related to a company I worked for.

@ all the Visioneers and Ex-Visioneers: 'Funny to the core', isn't it?


  1. *lol*
    Perfect as requested, expected and always achieved !

    Thx, K2.

    By the way:
    What did you do yesterday (except of chatting) ?
    What will you do today ?
    What are your impediments ?

  2. Yesterday: Flight Brisbane-Cairns, organizing a dive trip, sweating in 35 degrees celsius

    Today: Leave the main land in 10min for 4 days out on the Great Barrier Reef for diving. I am very excited about it.

    Impediments: The f**king hole in the ozon layer and the light rain that currently falls. Can you imagine rain while 30 degrees?

  3. Wow! Great picture, nautical signmakers have uncanny insight.

  4. The Universe has its ways to tell us what to do... Cheers, Haschi

  5. It took a moment...
    *lol* Cool sign.


  6. Isn´t it strange to be spending as much time in airplanes like you and complain about the ozone layer?