Monday, April 27, 2009


• complete absence of sound
• the fact or state of abstaining from speech
• the avoidance of mentioning or discussing something
• the state of standing still and not speaking as a sign of respect for someone deceased or in an opportunity for prayer
• substitute for an inability to express emotions


  1. Since I came to Iceland, I really understand that silence really means. Standing in the middle of nowhere, no birds, no animal, no plants whispering in the wind. Just black sand and SILENCE. I can take it just for some minutes! I was really happy then the wind started again and the sand grains started to rustle.

  2. schweigen. an und ver.
    schwelgen. im augenblick.
    schweben. auf stäben. zu und weg. und frei?
    rundherum. umschweigen.

  3. In my sports, every training session starts and begins with a short phase of silence and concentration.
    This should express the respect to your teacher, your training partner and yourself.
    For me, it is the best part of each session... some seconds of silence to become calm, relaxed and really grounded.

  4. This is silence: