Monday, April 20, 2009

Small Guys and Big Obstacles

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If you are little and young in experience you are confronted with a lot of new situations, hurdles, obstacles and gaps to jump over.
Almost every minute you are challenged by life.
The astonishing thing is that you take it easy and just dare. Fear doesn't seem to exist.
The root of a big tree suddenly turns from an obstacle into a funny jumping game accessory.

When you grow older some of the obstacles seem to be bigger than you - even if they look small for all other people around you.

Why is that? Any hints appreciated.


I saw the baby wild boars in a big enclosure in a forest near my city today and the gang of little striped guys made me grin. My gigantic zoom lens helped to get close.

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  1. This tiny little boar is so CUTE!!!! I wonder if we have those little things here?!