Friday, May 15, 2009

Muff Potter, Take Four

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One of the best things after I came back from my world tour is that my friend and I have been able to re-establish our old rule of visiting at least one live concert a month.

The one of April was special because it was the band of our very first concert in this series back in January of 2006 [Look here...].
It was a nice little concert but in the end I realized that four gigs of Muff Potter in three years are enough for now.
Muff Potter will stay one of my favorite bands and songs like 'Alles was ich brauch' [listen...] ' or 100 Kilo' [listen...] are part of my constant quote repository.

Und all der Überfluss
es ist mir zum Verdruss
verstopft mir die Seele und die Poren
Augen und die Ohren.
Und es ist gar nicht schwer
ich brauch' heut gar nichts mehr
ich hab' hier alles was ich brauch
- und du auch.

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My concert pal always blames me for not knowing all the lyrics of a certain old Muff Potter album called 'Bordsteinkantengeschichten'. I guess I will never master this one.


  1. Muff Potter?? hmm must have a fan club, I know a Muff with a fan club too. Namaste :)

  2. My favourite line is: "Wenn die Liebe ein Schlachtfeld ist, dann ist das jetzt dein Den Haag". Should be something like, "If love is a battlefield, this is Den Haag for you" in English. But maybe you just can't translate lyrics. Btw this line isn't even taken from the (legendary, pathbreaking and worldshaking) Bordsteinkantengeschichten album... but still great.