Friday, June 19, 2009

Honey Melon Adolf

Every week there are free fruits in the company I work for. Fruits for the employees of a software company? Software developers are supposed to consume only Coke and chips you might plead.
Well, this is only partly true. Usually the free fruits are gone within 1-2 days.


This time it was a bit different because I started an experiment. Clandestinely I painted some strokes on a honey melon - just to see what would happen. My office was perfect for observing the situation because it is directly beside the kitchen.

From time to time I heard a voice saying "Oh, we have Hitler in our kitchen" or "I don't want to eat Adolf" or "this is disgusting" or simply "ha ha ha".

Guess what - the melon was still there after more than one week.

Dunno whether none of the guys dared to destroy the work of the unknown artist or whether the appetite for all things connected to the ugly mustache man is quite low in my company.

Finally one of my co-workers said "I am going to kill Hitler now" cut the honey melon into little cubes, put it on a plate and the colleagues made it vanish within one hour.

I hope the Germans can do a similar thing with all the dirty rotten remains of the ideas of this mustache monster that are still wafting around in some simple brains.

PS: Honey melons make my think of faces or heads quite often. Look [here...] for one of my old postings from June 2006.

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