Thursday, July 30, 2009

Farewell and Aloha to Hawaii

Yes, I have to admit I watched a (free) performance of Hula girls with flower neclaces, leaf skirt and florals in the hair. Cute, isn't she?

Actually I posted far more stuff about Hawaii than I indented to and I could post much more - for example about Joe's Love Chili, about the missed Big Wave Surfing Contest, about the homeless guy, about the ride in the stretch limo I almost got for 5 dollars or about the guys on the photo below.

The first days I almost hated Hawaii because of all the very touristy crap but in the end I loved it because it was easy to escape the hype. I hung out with so many lovely people and I saw so much natural beauty on these islands - enough to preserve a special place in my mind for Hawaii.

To prevent you from getting even more bored from Hawaiian stories I will travel on to New Zealand with the next posting.

I spent my last evening in Honolulu with three funny guys. There's a special story related to the young couple on the photo and my chalk board. I am quite sure I will tell it in a future posting when it comes to chalk board tales in general.


  1. Hello Udo,
    when i see you'r amazing image from hawai i remeber me of Israel Kamakawio`ole an amazing artist of hawain music.
    Look like here:

    best regards


  2. I actually heard this version of the song on Hawaii but I didn't realize that the artist is Hawaiian. Thanks for the hint.

  3. Auf dem Foto siehst Du richtig ausgemergelt aus. Nicht schlecht, aber auch erschöpft.

    lg, N./DD/wabizumai