Thursday, July 09, 2009


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This pile of feet started their journey through life only a few years ago. Isn't it exiting to imagine what paths they will be walking on many decades from now?

As a child I had no idea about the direction my feet are heading to. Actually I still don't know. No idea whether this is good or bad.

How about you? Did your feet already tell you about their way?


  1. I am not sure, if they walk in the same direction like my head.

  2. You are so lucky to be surrounded by so many small feet. Stay aware of it!

  3. PS: childrens´ feet and legs need bruises :)

  4. my heart knows the way and my feet follow. When there is a disharmony I will fall in he truest sense of the word, like a did one year ago. I broke my leg and a paved designed perfect way disappeared and a new way with colour of nature opened my feet are still following happily...