Monday, September 28, 2009

Life in Technicolor

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Why am I so damn blind for the beauty at my fingertips? You can find extraordinary things right next to your door if you look closely.

If some entity decided to equip even such little creatures like this bug with Technicolor I should start to look for the beauty within higher creatures as well. According to my current theory Homo Sapiens Sapiens is supposed to be full of it.
My own personality should be a good starting point.
Any hints where to start the search?

By the way: The species of the little guy is Chrysomela varians - the German name is "Veränderlicher Blattkäfer". I like that name - it means 'changeable leaf bug'.

'Changeable', hmm?

The title of this posting is inspired from a song from Coldplay. Listen to it [here...].


  1. maybe the beginning and the end of a search for fascinating "objects" of homo sapiens sapiens are - the eyes.

    sometimes you can get lost there...


  2. a whole world can be hidden behind the iris of an eye...bla bla...


  3. well technically, the bug doesn´t change it just addapts. I think you do have a good eye to find beauty in creatures, so just let them see YOU in technicolor