Saturday, February 27, 2010

Board'n'Post / Grosser Arber, Germany

What kind of tech-world is this if one can publish Blog postings while sitting in the snow with a Snowboard attached?

I decided on very short notice that this Saturday is perfect for a single day of snowboarding.

The mountain Grosser Arber is not the Alps but it is only a 2.25 hour drive from Nuremberg.

Sunshine, cold clear air and that incredible noise the carving of the Snowboard does while flirting with the snow - wow!

I am very proud of myself because it is only my second time boarding and today I dared to do a red (medium) track for the first time. Don't ask how many times I crashed but it was worth it.

Excuse me now I have things to do now.


  1. Technology is amazing! What a beautiful day to be in the mountains. I do not read German, so I am not certain I understand the gist of comments on your test blog, but here is another friend from another part of the world that likes to check in on your blog on occasion. Wishing you a happy winter full of days like this one!

  2. So how many times did you crashed?? :)