Monday, October 25, 2010

Nudging Forward

Finally I feel like start blogging again. It's remarkable how much energy can be stolen by some things without noticing it. Energy that would have been really helpful to keep my eyes open for all the small things that enriched my life and to blog about it.

Like the little guy in the video it might be helpful to get little nudges from time to time to keep crawling (walking, jumping, flying etc.) forward.

Maybe I'll tell you a bit more about my trip around the world because I stopped right in the middle of New Zealand. There is a lot more to come from Australia, Vietnam, India and Jordan.
Maybe I'll show you some photos or video footage from stuff that fed my soul in the summer.
Maybe I'll just share some weird unfinished thoughts with you.

I really look forward to it - and to your comments.

If you wonder who I am talking to in this blog - don't ask me, I dunno.


  1. Hi Udo, i was wondering why you keep silence for so long! Good to hear from you again. Not that much interested about traveling stories, much more just knowing what's on your mind :-)

  2. In jedem "Ding", in jedem Lebewesen ist irgendwie auch ALLes.

    Ob wir, die Menschen, wohl für den Kosmos allenfalls das "Bewusstsein" einer Raupe haben ...?

    Vermutlich eher noch weniger ...

  3. Hi Udo! Ich hatte es fast schon aufgegeben auf deine Seite zu schau´n. Danke das du wieder da bist. Hab dich und deine Ansichten echt vermisst! LG BiD

  4. Danke, dass Ihr immer noch auf meinen Blog klickt. Freut mich echt sehr.