Thursday, November 04, 2010


I finally did it and joined the dark side. Am I a bad guy now?

The thing is that I switched on Google Ads on my blog. I am just curious what will happen and what kind of ads Google connects to the texts on my blog.
Actually I don't expect to earn any money but who knows. In the end there were more than 70.000 visitors to my blog since 2006.

At the moment it is one single ad just below the title row of the blog.

If it totally annoys you just drop me a note and I consider switching it off again.


  1. Well I was surprised to find adds here to be honest, I have to admit that I am one of the persons promoting this kind of things cause I´m a marketing girl, but particularly in your blog I felt like having a big stain of ink on the page of one of my favorite books.
    But maybe you should be inside a category of Google that matches with the way you are. I could imagine adds about traveling, diving, creativity,photography,how to be happy and enjoy simple moments in life. Of course it´s your blog and do whatever you want with it, but being one of the frequent readers all these years of this blog, even from day one, I want to share that the add gave me the feeling of visiting an impersonal site,but there are still other 69,999 people that may think different :)

  2. Hey Cel, thank you for your feedback. I just removed the ads from the blog. The last thing I want is to spill ink on the favorite books of my friends. Actually I am very glad to be in the book shelf inside their heads. The ad-thing It was just an experiment and it was a quick one.
    Thanks again for your clear statement.


  3. thanks for removing the ads!
    I never use the google links (or any other ones for this matter) on blogs, so you would not get money from my clicking anyway.

  4. Ich find's gut, dass die Ads wieder weg sind. Jetzt ist's hier wieder richtig gemütlich. Ich bin gern hier.