Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today - 3 Years Ago

Time flies.
Exactly 3 years ago - on Dec. 21st 2007 my pal Daniel and I did our first 24 hour photo experiment.
We strolled through the city of Nuremberg for 24 hours - from midnight to midnight.
Our mission was to take random photos and see what happens and how many moments can fit into 24 hours if you try to live them intensely.
We created a little Web site with some of our photos and our thoughts from that day.

Actually I don't want to bother you with old stuff but because I used the "anniversary" to browse through the page I thought I just re-share it with you.

Here you go: http://www.twentyone24.de/index2007.htm
Yes, I know, all the texts are in German but I was too lazy translating all the stuff.


  1. That was a cool project! I remember it very well. I have never stayed up 24 hours in a row. Dare to repeat it once again? :-)

  2. We DID repeat it exactly 6 months later on June 21st 2007.
    This time it was not the shortest but the longest day of the year. We chose Berlin as playground. I don't have texts online from that day but a cool 6 minute video-slideshow with our photos.
    Here it is:

    Here are my photos from the 24 hours in Berlin:


  3. Time goes so fast, I remember I could only follow the pictures not the comments, I wanted to do a course of German language but maybe I could[nt find it because the sign of the school was in German :)
    By the way I was remembering about your geocaching, 3 days ago I was in a plane and there was a nice report in a magazine, it could be a good thing to re-post too for the sake of cool activities. Merry Xmas

  4. Was vor drei Jahren und welche Menschen vor drei Jahren waren ist doch eh schei├čegal. That´s why it´s called the present, war das nicht so?