Monday, February 28, 2011

Braindump Books

I love to poke around in book stores and today I stumbled into something special.

The book is called "Wie man sich die Welt erlebt" [] (the English version is called "How to be an Explorer of the World" []) by Keri Smith.

So what is so special about this book? Well, it simply felt like a braindump of my very own head.
Do you know the feeling when you are listening to a person who is on the same wavelength? Do you know the urge to say "I also thought about the same thing recently" or "hey, I did this the other day"?

Browsing through this book was very close to that feeling.

It was almost ridiculous how close the chapters or tasks were to some of my photo walks (I call them "Digipirsches" - digital stalkings) or meandering thoughts.

Over the last years a lot of more or less weird ideas crossed my mind. Some of them turned into something practical (like the 24 hour photo experiment) and a lot of them left my head a few minutes later and I forgot about them.

The book flashed a huge pile of those thoughts and ideas back into my mind within seconds and I was super excited to remember all those things.

Of course I bought the book and of course it will help me to wake up again the perception for the small things in life - a point of view that had suffered in the last months.

On my way to the checkout the salesperson run (and I really mean "run") after me. I guess I was grinning a bit too broadly while browsing the book and she spotted that.

She said "It is a brilliant book, isn't it? We got it just a few days ago".
I replied "Oh yes, it is more than brilliant" and thought "You have no idea how brilliant, little lady".

Well, I actually haven't told you what's actually IN the book. That's for YOU to find out during your next visit to your favorite book store.
Keep me posted about whether the book inspired/reminded you at least a little bit as me.

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