Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Market from a Dog's Perspective

The Christmas Market in Nuremberg is world famous. I am not sure why because there are dozends of other smaller markets around that are far less crowded and far more cozy.
Visit the one in Nuremberg on a Sunday afternoon and you will feel like on a concert of Justin Bieber in the front rows (not that I really know how that feels).
Sometimes one can even see people with small dogs or, even worse, with strollers making their way through the madness.
Today I wanted to find out how a dog might feel in the middle of the X-Mas maniacs. So I took my small GoPro camera and mounted it on a monopod and held it 30cm above the ground during a walk across the market.
Well, I am pretty glad that I am not a dog or a toddler but a 1.86m tall guy.
Merry Christmas!

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