Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mirror Halls

I got a text message with a short poem. Usually I’m not a very lyrical person but sometimes when you’re in a certain mood ,a few sophisticated sentences can bang your head quite hard.
This was one of those moments.
It’s hard enough to write this Blog in English but it’s even more difficult to translate German poetry. German is a wonderful language for poetry with thousands of very small facets.
Naturally all the shadings are lost but here’s my translation (and the original).

In the morning
I watched the sun rising through a cobweb
Adorned with pearls of dew.
The sun rose as often as there hung drops in the filigree fibres.
There should be an order for the few precious things
To live in mirror halls.

Am Morgen
Durch ein tauperlengeschmücktes Spinnweb hindurch
Die Sonne betrachtet.
Sie ging soviel mal mehr auf
Wie Tropfen in den Sprühfäden hingen.
Man müsste dem wenigen Teuren dieser Welt
In Spiegelsälen zu wohnen befehlen.

A few seconds ago I learned that the poem is out of a book called “The Chronicles of the Poodle Ali”.

And now I go for a hike into the forest trying to find some valuables.

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