Wednesday, June 21, 2006

4 Days of Colored Wash

The end of my companies’ fiscal year is near. The folks in our administration are very busy with the annual stocktaking and with double checking all our monthly reports.
The girl from the administration told me that there is a mismatch between my vacation sheet and my monthly working hours sheet.
Finally it turned out that they took 4 days of vacation from my account by mistake.
That means that I now have 4 more days of vacation that I didn’t expected. Whow! That’s almost a whole week.
What to do with that days?
I think I’ll use them for something I wouldn’t usually do.
For example I could watch my washing machine working for a long time. I never did it longer than 5 minutes until now.
The short program for colored wash needs almost exactly 1 hour. Assumed that a workday has 8 working hours and that I do not change the load of the washing machine I could watch 32 whole program sequences. That’s quite a lot.
Well, maybe I just use the days for being lazy. But that would be the worst of all possible activities.
Any proposals?


  1. it was your turn to smoke something strange, who has this kind of ideas?????

  2. something you usually don't do....4 days off during a perfect german's really, really hard to make you any proposals......whats about starting a collection of garden dwarfs? They're not so easy to find in our days...