Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flip-Flop Coincidences

Last week I shot this picture of a lost Flip Flop in the gutter on a street in Munich. The scene seemed very poetic for me (but maybe I simply was in a melancholic mood). I don’t know yet whether there’s a kind of Flip-Flop conspiracy (like the one with the gloves). But that’s not what I want to point out here.

The point is that today I got the following postcard.

The two motives look way to similar to me. I showed my picture to no one until now. What’s going on here? Can this just be just coincidence or did I miss something?


  1. about coinsidences and is there really fait, before i came on here, i only had one idea.. but now im bursting with genious ideas.thanks to you! and if you were wondering how i found this blogspot, i searched on google "coinsidences" i particually liked this coinsidence and your theory about the trash shoes ! truely genious ! !

  2. sorry this goes before the last comment, i copy and pasted wrong

    yo! you dont know me but, i just wanted to say that you have inspired me greatly for my next art project it's..