Thursday, June 01, 2006

Iron (Man) Maiden

Gym. Cross Trainer. Scheduled 60 minutes of private sweating. Head phones and MP3 player.
After 58 minutes I’m quite exhausted and count the seconds.
Suddenly I hear one thousand people scream in my head. I’m part of “Rock in Rio” and Iron Maiden plays “Fear of the Dark”. As soon as the very big crowd joins the lead singer in the refrain I feel goose-flesh. This live version is really powerful - and very long.
Although I was close to unconsciousness at the beginning of the song the music pushes me higher and higher. And faster as I can breath I had spent another 7 minutes with high intensity. Unbelievable how easy it is to cheat on your own body.
Music can be a very strange thing. I hope no one in the Gym noticed me padaling like Lance Armstrong on Extasy and banging my head like Stevie Wonder on Speed.

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