Sunday, August 06, 2006


On Saturday was the second free Open Air with classical music in Nuremberg. Although it was raining the whole place was crowded.
Most of the people sat under umbrellas and listened to the music. Thousands of human beings under small shields - like a tribe living in mini tents.
The umbrellas-tents made the scenery much more intimate for me. I walked through the people on tip toes to the sound of Mozart and Wagner.
I hesitated much more than the last time when it came to shooting photos. It was like breaking into the privacy of the umbrella tents.

I think the umbrella shields are a good analogy for life in general. It’s easy to create an emotional shield around you if the heavens ain’t friendly. You stay dry and nobody disturbes you. On the other side it’s very difficult for the people around you to find out whether you are sad or not because you’re so damn hidden. And finally there’s the danger of missing the moment when the clouds clear.

The people on the photo were not sad. Just the opposite, I bet.

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