Friday, October 20, 2006

Magazine World

I feel hunted by armies of beautiful people. They stare at me from the covers of hundreds of magazines. In the waiting room of my physician I have to deal with all the perfect male bodies of Men’s Health. While in the queue of the supermarket cashpoint I pass the canterbury and suddenly there are all those supermodels with flawless skin and breasts like inflated Air Bags. Even in a stylish little bar they had magazines showing cute people that stand in stylish little bars.
The people in the bar tried to imitate the artificial models in the magazines. At the first glance it looked great but I spied on some of them during the evening and you know what? One ate peanuts and licked his fingers, the female pseudo-supermodel drilled around in her ears and if I wasn’t completely wrong I even saw some beauties with crop tops disappearing to the restrooms for peeing.
I will try to avoid the magazines and read a brochure about skin cancer instead of Men’s Health in the waiting room next time.

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