Monday, October 09, 2006

Sacret Valley

Click on photo to enlarge

Yesterday I drove through my favorite valley - it’s called the Wiesent Valley. The autumn sun was beautiful and although I was already late I had to stop for at least a few minutes to enjoy the landscape and the view to the castle ruin Neideck. I took the chance to shoot some photos with the tripod and merged them to a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo.
The photo above consists of 7 images that were merged together. You might say it looks a little bit unreal. It does although I didn’t manipulate the colors but only made adjustments on the contrast. Without HDR I wouldn’t been able to capture all the mirroring in the water.


  1. Definitely a beautiful landscape. What draws me in most is the contrasts. The mirror of the water and then once it gets to the rocks all disturbed. Must to like.

  2. Ist mir sehr vertraut, dieser Anblick.
    Habe ja 20 Monate gegenüber gewohnt und gearbeitet.
    Zwar schon über 20 Jahre her, jetzt, aber das bleibt ...
    Wunderschöne Gegend, ja.