Wednesday, October 25, 2006


No idea, whether there’s Red Bull outside of Europe. It’s an Energy Drink with lots of caffein and it tastes like liquid Gummi Bears. I like the taste. Their main marketing message is “Red Bull verleiht Flügel” - this means “Red Bull gives you wings”. For me it was funny to see a thing that is supposed to fly tied to the earth - flattened down by hundreds of cars.
Maybe the marketing message should be changed into “Red Bull gives you wings but be aware of cars”.


  1. Red Bull is everywhere. Even in New Zealand :) And they also had the Red Bull Flugtag in Wellington(yeh right, they use the german word!) Actually, the message should be something like Red Bull gives you wings...but mix it with vodka or champagne and you will look crashed :) Cheers

  2. I was very happy to find Red Bull in Germany, I thought it was only in the US - you've been dealing with our stress with chocolate cheers, for me it's been Red Bull.