Friday, December 08, 2006

Chicago Tidbits, Part 4, Deep Dish Pizza

Gino’s East Pizza

Most of my pictures of Chicago were shot at night or at some restaurants because the rest of the day I worked at the RSNA trade show.
This one is from a nice pizzeria called “Gino’s East”. They served the typical american Pizza with a very thick bread, called “deep dish pizza”. It was more like a cake than like a pizza and I finished only 3 of my 6 slices.

Deep Dish Pizza

The special thing about that place was that all walls and most of the furniture were covered over and over with scribblings from former guests. It looked very funny and I was barely able to find an empty spot for my own message.
Thus we concentrated on drawing on our napkins. I forced my colleague to draw a shape that could be used as a penguin or as a penis. She did well but it ended up in that happy looking penis and not in an penguin. Not that bad, though and a very funny evening.

Happy Penis

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