Monday, January 22, 2007


When night surrounds me
Darkness is like a prison
Butterfly free me

I wrote this little Haiku several years ago. My thoughts in that time were different than today but it came to my mind a few hours ago, anyway.
"Darkness is not a state - it's only the absence of light"
Dunno where I heard this sentence. I know it's true but on some days it's harder to believe than on others, isn't it?


  1. Yesterday on the jumble sale
    Two fallen angels. With broken wings
    Can't help each other.

  2. in absence of light
    all the colors sit and wait
    the sun will free you

    (ps. staring at that black square really made me see all the dust on my screen - like a little galaxy)

  3. There will be no sunlight
    There will be no rain
    Darkness is the only true colour
    Until we see
    The dawn

    (These lines from the group Brooklyn Bounce came to my mind when I read this.)

    Dr. Mabuse (you know who)