Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Only One Left

Cinema: Only one seat left for the premiere of the movie of your favorite actor and an ugly guy with a T-Shirt showing the portrait of that actor in front of you in the queue.

A 10000-piece-puzzle and 9999 of them are done.

Waiting list. One no-show seat. It's you against the guy with the Senator-frequent-traveller-card.

James Bond Movie:
Bond tries to defuse the counter of the bomb. Only one second left.

Lunch: Only one salad left and a group of skinny girls in front of you.

Titanic: 1500 passengers left, one life boat.

Traffic: Only one slot left in the only parking garage and you're already late.

Exactly 1 person which matches perfectly?

You need just ONE and there is exactly ONE. Sometimes it works, most of the times, it doesn't. But probably the few working ones are worth it.


  1. Ich bin Murphy-Anhänger und Pessimist.
    Und als solcher sage ich:
    Das einzig Verbleibende ist (meistens) das Letzte!
    Denn das Dumme ist:
    dass das Auto meist nicht in die letzte freie Parklücke paßt (nachdem man stundenlang diese letzte freie Lücke gesucht hat),
    man die eine Person, die zu einem paßt, nur sehr schwer findet (das Glück hatte ich),
    die letzte Banane im Obstregal Matsch ist und schimmelt,
    der letzte Sitz im Kino nicht herunterklappbar ist, ...
    der letzte EUR nicht vom Automaten akzeptiert wird

  2. 9001 puzzle-pieces? hm?

  3. Yes, I had a typo with the puzzle pieces. It's fixed now. Thanks to anonymous.