Saturday, August 04, 2007


Last saturday I was sitting on a square in Nuremberg listening to some live music and trying to shoot some photos of the artist with my big lens.
Suddenly a stranger tapped my on the shoulder and pointed upwards to the sky.
First I didn't know what his intention was. Then I realized that I was excited about some little yellow dots crossing the sky. He asked me to shoot some photos of them because they looked strange in his opinion.
Actually I noted the dots before because they didn't look like normal airplanes. But the artist on stage was attracting my attention and I forgot about it.

So I switched my camera to the highest light sensitivity and the zoom to maximum.
At home I zoomed into the image and tried to enhance the contrast as good as possible.

The result can bee seen above.
Tell me what you want but this is not an airplane. I will not say the U-word but you know what I mean, don't you?

What do you think?


  1. you should send your pic with the exact date,hour and place to a reasearch institute, what if this was an important event?

  2. what a nice word: the U-word! Until now I only knew the S-word in german, which my children don´t have to say :).

  3. Mich erstaunen Leute, die das Universum begreifen wollen, wo es schwierig genug ist, in Chinatown zurechtzukommen.

  4. Oh no, Epsilon-Kappa-Zeta is exploding again! We should offer beer and shelter to the poor extraterrestrials, you never know whose sun erupts next.