Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Infinite Retries


The river that crosses Nuremberg floats down a few steps. These weirs tempt to attract all kind of swimming objects, especially balls.
I know some spots in the city where one can always view some balls fighting with the current. For some reason I love to watch the balls and I visit "my" spots on a regular basis.

Actually I feel pity for the balls. They try and try and try to escape the current but they don't have a real chance. The turbulences at the step always suck them back.

On the other hand I envy the balls because they never get tired of trying again. I'm not sure whether infinite retries are always good but at least a few tries to achieve a goal seem to be desirable. Definitely a thing to get inspired from.

I walked by a Beergarden to come close to the step in the river for shooting this footage. The guy sitting on a table behind a big glass of beer watched me like an alien because he had no idea what the hell I was doing. Well, I didn't explain the infinite-retry-theory to him and just wished him a sunny Sunday.

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