Sunday, April 13, 2008



One of the best things about kids for me is that I don't have to give a reason for doing things all the time.
Parents probably don't agree because they know about thousands of "Why?" questions.
What I mean is that if I say "How about drawing Multi-Part-Animals" most kids would simply ask "What is a Multi-Part-Animal" and afterwards we just do it.

This photos were created during a lunch break with a colleague, her husband and her two absolutely lovely little daughters.

A Multi-Part-Animal is simply a creature that doesn't fit on one back side of a business card.

The girls knew instantly what I mean after I showed them a 4-part-snake.
My tasks for the girls were a two-part-dog and a two-part-crocodile and two minutes later they were done.

The crocodile (especially the tip of its tail) is my favorite.




I'd wish that grown-ups wouldn't need a good reason for doing things but just do them if they feel like it - grown-ups including myself.

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  1. I know the game a bit different: one card is the head of the animal, the next the neck, forelegs, hind legs, tail. Than you get really interesting animals like a dogs head with horse legs and krokodil tail :-)