Friday, October 10, 2008

Waterfall Math - Brazil and Argentina

This is only a small part of the falls and the big one is not even on the photo

Image a big waterfall and a few smaller ones. Add some jungle and a few furry animals.
And now multiply all with 100.
The result could be a bit like the Waterfalls of Iguacu on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

I went there joining a bus ride from Sao Paulo of 22 hours - it's not as bad as it might sound because the public bus system in Brazil is brilliant and the main bus terminal in Sao Paulo is five times bigger than the main railway station in my hometown Nuremberg and it has more than 80 platforms.

The falls stretch over several kilometres and I spent two full days to explore them - one day from the Argentinian side and one from Brazil.
It was a little adventure of its own to cross the border to Argentina using the public bus because the bus doesn't wait for you when you jump off at the border to get your stamp in your passport. So you sit in no mans land alone (and the sun is setting) and hope that there is a next bus.

Well, it was worth it. Ooooh yes, it was.

Wandering above and beside the falls with the constant roar of the water in your ears and clouds (and I really mean clouds) of yellow butterflies around me was one of the best experiences of nature I ever had.

A nose bear

The waterfalls of Iguacu are one of the seven nature wonders of the world and also world heritage from the United Nations.

Addendum on Oct. 26th: Here is a short movie I shot at the Argentinian and the Brazilian side of the falls:

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