Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dummy Kid Games

There are games where a grown up needs a kid as dummy. Dummy Kiding Games so to say.
You don't know what I mean?
Well, imagine a father giving a model railway to his kid for Christmas. It is not unlikely that the father buyed it because he secretly wants to play with it and if the kid likes it too it's just a bonus.

Today I played one of my favorite Dummy Kid Games - again. It is one of the games that are very universal and probably being played all around the world. Just grab a kid by its hands and spin it around as fast as you can.

I really love the perfect mixture of cheerful joy and a glimpse of fear screamed out load by the Dummy kid and I also love the dizzyness in my head after spinning twenty times at full speed.

In this case I guess my Dummy enjoyed it as much as I did - or maybe even a wee bit more.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


I finally did it and joined the dark side. Am I a bad guy now?

The thing is that I switched on Google Ads on my blog. I am just curious what will happen and what kind of ads Google connects to the texts on my blog.
Actually I don't expect to earn any money but who knows. In the end there were more than 70.000 visitors to my blog since 2006.

At the moment it is one single ad just below the title row of the blog.

If it totally annoys you just drop me a note and I consider switching it off again.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Homage Dinner

Yesterday was All Saints' Day.
Here in Bavaria this day goes hand in hand with a visit to the graves of loved ones. In some places it ends up in big crowds rushing around the cemeteries carefully paying attention in being noticed by the neighbors.
If those crowds master to remember the dead relatives simultaneously to fulfilling social conventions, it's fine for them. I don't like it for myself, though.
I would probably feel different if the gatherings would be more like the celebrations of Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Yesterday, more or less by coincidence I had the chance to remember my dead Granny in a slightly differeny way: With my nose and with my stomach.

For the first time ever my girlfriend and I prepared a dinner that is very closely related to my Grandmother. The dish is called "Linsen und Spatzen" and consists of lentils with spaetzle noodles. In the days of my Granny it was a poor mans dish because of the cheap ingredients.

I can exactly remember the smell of the lentils when I entered our house after school as a kid. It is one of the smells I really connect to a certain human being - my Grandmother preparing lunch.

Yesterday my kitchen smelled like my childhood days and the memory of my Granny and of some of her funny awkward mannerisms flashed my mind.
After a while I realized that it was All Saints' Day and that my lentil menu was nothing less than my very own homage dinner.

Although my Granny wasn't the best chef in the world (actually quite the contrary) my connection of lentils to her will probably last as long as I live.